Tuesday, 6 May 2008

tanzanian quickie

a couple of weeks ago i had to make a quick trip to tanzania to for a global fund meeting on strengthening faith-based organizations involvement. it was intense! i left on monday, arrived in dar es salaam tuesday night at 9:pm. got to my hotel (kunduchi) about 11:30 and i went to bed pretty quickly. i felt like a rock star when i woke up 15 mins early and was able to go some yoga in the morning.

this is where i did yoga in the morning (my room with a view)

from the balcony

this relief was in my room.
it bugged me alot.

and got to my meeting just in time. only, there was no one milling around outside the conference room adn there was no sign of the breakfast they promised. on a crazy whim i open the door to the conference room and discovered that the meeting was in progress. i had changed my blackberry to the wrong timezone and was an hour late... anyway, the rest of the meeting went about like that.

here is christoph benn giving a presentation

i was exhausted. but it was really great to meet some of my collegues from the multi-lateral donors and we decided to start a task force to work in harmony with each other. after being in meetings all day wednesday, thursday, and friday, i left friday night to come home.

when i got to the airport KLM employees let me sit in line for about 5 minutes before i learned from a fellow passanger that the flight had been canceled. ARG! WHAT??!!!

thankfully, i had a Y class ticket and platinum status and so i was able to get on a swiss air flight. the flight left 15 minutes from the time i found out the KLM flight was canceled. i got my ticket and they told me to run. i made the flight. and then realized that i was flying to zurich, and then to london, and then to DC. i wigged out. i was so tired and frustrated. i tried to figure out a way to change it. i called elizabeth and lindsay to see if they could help. no avail. so i got to stop and be searched in 4 airports between friday and saturday. but i made it home on saturday and was so so so happy to get home.

here i am on a plane in zurich.

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Annie & Doug said...

Yuck! Traveling through airports is the worst. But wow- your garden looks wonderful! Well- at least the soil! Good work!