Thursday, 29 May 2008

surviving harvard: update with photos

i think i made it out of the harvard school of public health in one piece and alive. the story of my quick and speedy departure to make my plane is one worth repeating, but i don't have much time. i have tons of blogging worth blogging, and am going to try and carve some more time out for that this week. for now i am working and housing like crazy.

if you aren't so busy, you can hear the "discussion" from the other day here: faith-based organizations: what role should they play in international and domestic public health

me an alyson post lunch/pre-meeting

i learned a heck of alot about participating in panels and how to make sure that the real question being asked is being answered. i hope i have the opportunity to do something like this again. it was super interesting and definitely stretched me, which was nice.

i also had a bunch of thoughts about the fluffiness of academia and how the questions they ask there are so out of touch with the reality here. i think academia can really help improve the way we do business, but some of those professors really need to be practitioners too or else heaps of reality is lost in thought.

i also got to see ginny and crew. that was super duper fun. i am bummed that time didn't allow for me to see her garden, but we did get to talk tomatoes, gardening, funny stunts her boys do, and enjoy a BEAUTIFUL spring day in boston. it was definitely too short, but super fun. this is the only photo i took with ginny and crew, DOI!


lilypea22 said...

Say it sister! You did manage to impress some of these professor types and you should be proud of that. Plus, you contributed to a dialogue that has been continuing this week at Harvard. Cheers!

Oh, and Harvard is encouraging me to get a series of papers out on this topic in a journal. Perhaps that will be something I take up with you next year...Happy Memorial Day week-end to you!

k8 said...

ummmm, did you come to boston without telling me?????

julie said...

hey. just wondering where your friend ginny got her little baby backpack. it looks perfect. can you find out for me? word.