Friday, 11 September 2009

dagen's movie is released! broken hill

ali's husband dagen had his movie released today. he is a talented dude and a smart one too. he wants to create a genre (or maybe expand it) of feature films that are not corny but also not smutty. he wrote and directed this . . .

i haven't seen it yet, but i have heard heaps about it. it is filmed in australia. part of it is in the ├╝ber outback and then part in sydney.

it is on limited release right now. if you are in slc; dallas; greenville, sc; fresno, ca; or orlando, fl . . . you can check this out. it opens today. click here for exact locations

it will be released in other theaters later in the fall, but i think that is kinda based on how it does in these places and the reviews that it gets.

here is the trailer . . .

Broken Hill - Trailer from Broken Hill on Vimeo.

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