Thursday, 10 September 2009

getting your "Groupon"

i just found this interesting website called "groupon". it boasts itself as having a collective buying power. a coop of fun and deliciousness i guess. sounds this awesome blend of consumer sovereignty meeting communism mixed with some muddled awesome, so i thought i would try it out. :)

today's deal was a "Blast through battalions of crêpes with this Groupon-musket, which gets you $25 worth of food and drink for $10 at Café Bonaparte. Café Bonaparte is a Parisian crêperie and coffee shop in Georgetown that's renowned for its fresh and flavorful brunch, tantalizingly textured crêpes, and its location next to, but not on top of, an ancient burial ground."

so the deal is, some company offers a deal, but enough people have to buy that deal to make the company actually do the deal. it is like everyone is buying into an economy of scale. the community comes together and collectively buys crêpes. if enough people want crêpes, the crêperie decides it will sell that hoard of crêpe eating frogs the crêpes at a reduced price.

want more info, check out this video . . . and if you have experience doing this, please share . . . i'm pretty curious about this.

Learn How Groupon Works! from The Point on Vimeo.

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Grasshopper said...

love how you find these things. am looking forward to getting my groupon.