Saturday, 12 September 2009

the oxford loop: beautiful ride; fun ferry; and amazing food

today liz and i decided to ride the oxford loop. this is one of my favorite all time bike rides. it is on the eastern shore and just small rolling hills through farmland and the chesapeake bay. today, i made a wrong turn and lead us astray. it added about 10 miles to the trip . . . ooops! we went about 35.5 miles, so not too shabby.

i was super bummed when about 8 miles into the ride i realized i forgot my camera. so, this post will have no teabelly photos.

here is the map

if you want to see more detailed info you can check out this google map i made of our ride.

one of my favorite parts is that ride takes you to oxford, md, where you get to take a ferry. in fact you take "america's oldest privately owned ferry. established 1683" i clicked on that hyperlink and learned that when the ferry was established people paid in tobacco. it wasn't until 1737 when catherine bennett became the ferry keeper, (cool to note that she was NOT the first woman to run the ferry. before her there was a woman named amy who ran it.) that people paid in cash rather than tobacco.

when we got to the ferry, it was clear that something big was happening. the little bay was FILLED with sail boats and HEAPS of people. we learned that it was the annapolis to oxford race. it was really cool. i was SUPER sad not to have my camera. this sleepy town alive will sail boats and sailor type people. it was really a cool site to see. i am looking for photos on line, but there aren't any yet. . .

we danced a jig on the ferry and then headed to bella luna for "lunch/dinner". we were starving. according to my watch i had used about 1500 k/cals at that point . . . but then it kinda started to rain and we decided it would be better to just ride back to the car and not have to worry about weather or it getting dark. so we pushed through, locked the bikes to the car and headed back to the restaurant.

bella luna is a funny but delicious restaurant. i have now been there twice with liz. each time the service was just kinda funny. last year we had a really young waiter who clearly just didn't have his waiter groove yet. this time we had brad. he was sweet, but it was kinda funny when he first came to our table.

this time, like last, the restaurant was empty. it was only about 5:30. even tho we asked to be sat near a window, they sat us in the back corner. we felt like maybe they were embarrassed by our clothes. they said to have a window you have to have reservations. of the four tables near the windows, only two were full when we left. . . . but whateve!

though they might not be the picture of perfect service, food is SPECTACULAR, both times! i am not sure if the food is so awesome because we are so ridiculously hungry before we get there or if it really is mind blowing food. i really think it is mindblowing food. the fact that we are so hungry just allows us to enjoy it more thoroughly or maybe just more of it . . . we ordered salad with lemon parmesean dressing. they brought out this fantastic freshly baked bread with a black olive tapenade and garlic infused olive oil. then we ordered the wild mushroom risotto -- off the chain! it was the perfect amount of creamy and tangy. it was prepared so that the taste of the mushrooms were really enhanced by the risotto rather than just becoming a mush in a blob of over cooked rice. this was pretty much perfect risotto. it made me decide that i want to start making risotto. i am not sure i could duplicate it, but i really want to try.

we also ordered an organic salmon steak. the preparation of the salmon was so creative and delicious. mustard crusted seared salmon on a bed of herbed polentta, covered with cucumbers with balsamic vinegar, peppercorns, and whole mustard seeds. it was so fresh and delicious. and such a cool combo. i would have never thought of that. but man it was good.

we topped it off with a tiramisu (one of the best i have ever had) and then headed home.

it was an awesome day. and, if you are ever out near easton/oxford/ st. michaels seriously try bella luna!

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joshuapackard said...

That post makes me hungry! The grub here in Baghdad is not nearly as delicious (although not bad for KBR). The bike ride sounds awesome too.