Wednesday, 30 September 2009


i am a libra. and turns out, that besides being awesome, libras are also indecisive. that is where you come in. i can't decide what to do. i know i "need" a fixie.

i want a bianchi to replace my bike that was stolen. and i can't decide between this:



the "coffee and milk" via brera has a sram cog which allows you to change from fixie to single speed with the turn of an allen wrench.

the via condotti is celeste blue.

basically, it doesn't matter much about components, because i know how to change those. but which one is prettier.

please vote!


ginger said...

I think the blue one is cuter, but Chuck's new bike (old one stolen) has that thing where you change the fixed wheel/single speed and he likes it.

matthew said...

flat bars get old, but so does a fixed cog. A single speed option is the way to go.

Grasshopper said...

i like the blue, too. you are a blue kind of gal, i think. your sofas, your bedroom walls, your serene aura... oh, wait. maybe you should get the cream one.

KamilahNYC said...

Blue, but I like the other handlebars better.

allydru said...

oh my, I am swooning over the first one. smooth and subtle. the second is actually the same color as my (smooth and subtle old school) bianchi -- rides like butter. but how long could you take the flat bars without starting to ride through people's gardens?

fixies are fun (except, for the record, if the ground is wet and you are following a very . . . inconsistent 7 year-old who is weaving around on her electra).

jweed said...

i like the coffee and milk. subtle and silky. go girl!