Tuesday, 15 September 2009

World Car Free Day 2009

i love car free day. there do seem to be a few more cyclists on the the road and a few less cars. i just like a world with more bikes and less cars. tho i will say, the number of cyclists in DC has increased exponentially since i started commuting on my bike 2 years ago.

so here is the deal: every September 22, people around the world get together, without the use of a car, and remind the world that we don't have to live in a car-dominated society.

ideally, all the teabelly readers will be car free next tuesday. and then they will realize that there is a magical freedom about not being chained to a car. and a few of you will then decide to be car free once a month, or once a week, or something. i know you can't totally ditch a car. i go to costco too. but for lots of things, a car is not needed.

anyway, if you wanna go to an event you can, browse this wiki and find your town . . .

for those of you in dc . . . here is our little WABA effort:
Car Free Day Metro DC 9.22.09 Car Free Day

Join in the celebration of Car Free Day with millions of people in cities around the world-including hundreds of Washington-area residents who have already pledged to be Car Free on September 22!

Here are three easy steps to supporting Car Free Day in Metro D.C.:

  1. Visit CarFreeMetroDC.com to take the car free pledge-even if you're already car free-for a chance to win an iPod, SmarTrip® card, Spokes Etc. gift card, and other great prizes!
  2. Learn about all the easy ways to be car free-from cycling and car-pooling to riding Metro or taking the bus.
  3. Check out all the Car Free Day events, including the second annual street celebration on F Street between 7th and 9th Streets NW from 11am to 3pm-with music from BIG 100.3, free basic bike repairs, Pedicab rides and Segway test drives, dance performances, workshops, and more!

Visit CarFreeMetroDC.com to find out more today!

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