Sunday, 7 December 2008

ceiling fans

i have to buy 3 ceiling fans. i have been shopping for months, literally!, for these stupid fans. i originally needed 5 fans (with lights). cheryl convinced me just to get some basic white fans from home depot and put them in the study and the guest room. which i did.

so now i have to get fans for the dining room, living room, and my bedroom.

i can't figure out what to get. i definitely want something quite in my room. and remote control so i can either just turn it on and off from my bed OR have it as an adjustable things on the wall. in my room i think i want white or something that is kinda silvery with a maple blade. i like the panama from casablanca, but it is not a cheap fan. if you have any ideas, i am really open. REALLY!

then there is the living room and dining room. i can't decide if i should get something that really makes a statement... like this

or something just more basic...

like this

or do i stay even more intrusiveness?

or maybe something like the casablanca that i linked up above but in white? i don't know.

i need help. this is like the time i really needed luggage and i spent months and months researching the best bag. i eventually bought a bag online that was super highly rated. i felt pretty convinced that i got a great bag. it came, and i kinda thought it was eh. a few days later, i was at marshall's and found a super awesome bag. bought it. it was $200 cheaper and i still love it.

please send your ideas! i don't trust myself anymore when it comes to buying things that i have perseverated over...


Soydcw said...

I like the 2nd and 3rd ones.

April said...

Hmm, I like them all, but I'd probably go with #3

KamilahNYC said...

I like 2nd and 3rd too