Wednesday, 10 December 2008


so today, i am feeling kinda like a rockstar!!

i rode about 17 miles commuting and then swam a pretty intense 1800 M tonight. but as if that wasn't it...

today my office had a lunch send off for a really great intern, wendy. we went to lunch in georgetown. there wasn't enough room in my boss'es car for all of us. since i had my bike, i offered to ride. i left 10 minutes after they did (at least) and arrived about 15 minutes before them. ah yeah. but they claimed trouble parking. of course, that is part of the joy of not driving is you always have the BEST parking spot.

after lunch i challenged my boss to a race. they were walking to the car and i just zoomed off on my bike. they passed me at the USDA. i felt like i had really let all the cyclist down. i started thinking of excuses: it is because i have these dumb cowboy boots on, i keep slipping; i seriously need to change these tubes, my tires are so flat; dang it i need to service my bike, it is all rusty, etc.

but then i parked, went through security, and went up to my office. low and behold, no one was there. they came in about 5 minutes later. that's right. i still beat them. and that is why i am a rock star!

seriously, i love cycling!!!

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