Monday, 22 December 2008

a kia christmas present

about 11.5 years ago, i bought a kia sephia (1997, but i got it in 96 because that is awesome). it was a really weird thing to do. buy a brand new car off the lot and have it be a kia.

about 3 days into it i decided i didn't like it and had the worst buyer's remorse ever. funny thing is, i still own the car. she has served me well and i have not served her well. i treat her the way you do that annoying kid sister that just wants to hang out with you and your friends and you are super duper annoyed all the time, but then when you want to try your new crimping iron, you are glad she is around? yeah that is me and this car.

she has served me well and without any thanks. today she is taking her revenge.

it is WICKED ARSE COLD. too cold to bike (if you want to keep your nose)

so i got off a conference call this morning and decided i would drive to my office. i had coins and was all set. and i was feeling SUPER DUPER productive because i was really in my work zone. and it was my last day of work for the week and it was monday.

got in the ol'kia and started her up. with the intent of letting her heat up for a good long time. pushed in the clutch and it slammed to the floor. there was nothing there. so i thought, maybe the fluid is frozen or something. nope, no amount of heating or pumping was going to fix it.

luckily i have my mom's AAA number because there is no way to drive a car without a clutch (even tho i tried). so now i am waiting for a tow truck to take me to the shop. then i guess i will walk down to my office and pout. the car won't be fixed until wednesday and my mom comes today.

hopefully i can use one of my friend's cars. friends??

cheryl sent me this rap to make me feel better:

Yo my name is ktk and i be hangin
At Big Bear Cafe where the locals always bangin
Us skinny yuppie rappers into a yuppie pulp
Cuz we drink our spinach green drink while they drinkin their Big Gulp (hey)

i am pretty sure that as awesome as it is on paper, it gets more awesome when it is acted out.

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