Tuesday, 23 December 2008

when it rains it pours: or freezes

as though an impending maternal visit, christmas, and a car dying weren't enough -- a pipe burst today. thankfully it is the pipe that ONLY feeds my outside hose, and it is just a small, odd, puncture looking wound... i am also thankful that my mom and i came home when we did. we had had lunch at the big bear and came home for a potty break on our way to get my car and a christmas tree. i was standing in the kitchen and heard this weird sound. it sounded like someone was washing a car, but since it is so cold, that didn't make sense. and also, it is the backyard, so they couldn't really get a car back there.

i decided to go outside and investigate.

to my dismay there was water shooting out underneath my deck. turns out the pipe my stupid horrible plumber matt smith put outside, as a feed for my garden hose, had busted. what is also lame about this pipe (as with most of the pipes he installed in my house) there is no shut off valve. if there was, we wouldn't even have to worry about it. i could just turn it off and we would be in business. but instead, i get to pay a plumber at least $125 to come and cap the thing off. and i guess we just deal with the whole other mess later.

so mad at that stupid idiot of a plumber.

in what i hope is just a bit or ironic coincidence -- the lame plumber matt smith drunk dialed me this morning. (that is right drunk dialed in the morning)

he called.
i didn't answer.
he left a message explaining that he heard that some other plumbers had been at the house and talking about what a bad job he had done on my house. he then explained that it was common practice amongst plumbers to bad talk other plumbing work in an effort to get jobs. he left about a 5 minute message. i kinda wish i hadn't deleted it, because it would be awesome to post here. it was weird, because that is all he said. just called to tell me he was a good plumber.

regardless, i am so glad i came home when i did, heard what i heard, and was able to find someone to come fix it!

hopefully this evenings tree trimming and sushi party will go ahead as planned!!!

so the plumber finally arrived. the cost went up from $125 to $220 because it is afterhours. totally bugs because i asked if i would be charged an after hours rate and i was told no. but, at least the thing is fixed. but seriously, why am i bleeding money!??? seriously mad at stupid plumber matt smith!

UPDATE #2 7:32 PM
the drainage pipe that carries the kitchen waste water is pretty much rotted out. so tomorrow, i get to have a couple of plumbers come and fix that for a few more hundred dollars...awesome!

UPDATE #3 10:21 PM
the sushi party fell victim to rotted out drainage pipes. so the tillemann clan bailed. which meant that cheryl, my mom, and i had an AMAZING mexican fiesta. we did get the lights strung, but the tree isn't decorated. too much drama for one day.
tomorrow the plumber comes to fix the drainage pipe (so long as they can fit it in) and then hopefully we can relax and have a nice christmas.

i guess it could have been worse:

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