Thursday, 11 December 2008

sometimes kooza is free

i wrote a few weeks ago about my weird phone call from delta: they wanted to give me free tickets to cirque du soleil. well, it turns out, there are such things are free kooza. and they are AWESOME!

liz with with me when i got the call, so naturally she got the invite to come, if it was indeed real.

turns out, we got HOOKED UP!

we drove in (after not being able to find it for awhile) and had parking RIGHT in front of the tapis rouge tent. this was a tent for VIPs and was awesome.

tapis rouge

when we got in we were surrounded by amazing food and drinks
super awesome atmosphere
it kinda felt like we were being transported into a fantasy place
(do you think they were pumping in something?)

here we are transformed

livin' it up

playin it cool

some of the food
this was the prime rib place
there was a sushi place, shrimps station (where they had yummy shrimps in little spoons)
they walked around with the most delicious things
our favorite were these oysters on the half-shell
i have never ever like oysters raw, but just writing this is making my mouth water
they were crazy delicious!!!

liz with a hush puppy
it did not hush her at all

the tent

the party

we decided to take a self portrait.
mind you, i don't have long arms
so i always look pretty lame in self-portraits
well this time i was determined to look cool...
did it work?

yeah, i know, i look stupid
i think we laughed for a couple days about this awesome teabelly move

then they announced the show was starting so we headed out to the cirques tent
we had spectacular seats, and let me tell you
the stuff those people can do is really mind blowing

they got started...
this guy was pretty funny

then they told me to stop taking photos...

this is what we saw

this was super duper exhilarating...
this thing got spinning so fast
they jumped out at one point and were spinning around and around on top of their wheels

this was probably one of the craziest things i have ever seen.
please note that the girl is bent so that her head is touching her butt
and someone us balancing her body on her...i kept freaking out
it seemed like someone would have to break in to 2 pieces.

they gave us a dessert intermission with the HUGEST fondue thing i have ever seen. we went back, watched the second half (again in amazement) and then left.

as we were walking out they handed us professional photographs and a gift bag. my bag had a set of $25 juggling balls. merry christmas to someone...:)

happy and thoroughly entertained.

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