Friday, 26 December 2008

christmas 08

as mentioned, my mom came to spend christmas with me. we had a pretty awesome and relaxing time. especially when you consider all the stupid things that decided it was a good time to need repair.

hours before picking my mom at the airport, my car decided to die
as mentioned before
here it is getting the tow

cheryl let me use her car and i got my mom without incident
the next day we spent most of the day getting stuff for the sushi party and getting the christmas tree
thankfully, my car was fixed by mid-afternoon!!!

we got a great tree at eastern market (and a tree stand because i had left mine at my old house)
but because of the pipe crazy at my house, the sushi party was canceled
but the mexican feast went on

they look pretty sad for having the best mexican food in the world...

here it is being heated up!
i wish i would have taken photos of all the food my mom brought. it was awesome!

cheryl and my mom strung the white lights and i ran to the store to get more
seemed like lindsay and i had about a million strands of white lights, but we only had 3
all they had at CVS was multi colored lights
but it turned out really really really awesome
in fact, i am pretty convinced that this is the best looking tree i have had in a long time!

i love how the shadow is making my unkept hair look even more like a bulb

me and mom

some of the plumbing repairs.
let me just say this
a melange of pine and plumbing is not the scent you want in your house!
i thought i was going to vomit!!!
luckily i got to take cheryl to the airport.

my mom, the botanist, gave me lessons in house plants
she cut tons of branches off and we re-potted some
i learned alot about airation, the importance of misting, and giving plants haircuts.
thanks mom!

on christmas eve we went to the ward christmas party at the pratt farm
it was super duper fun
tons of food
awesome people
and a live nativity

the barn

my mom re-meeting a guy who grew up on the same street as she did in phoenix
seriously, this world is small!

my favorite crazy ladies!

sister kamosie road with us to the party
it was a real treat because we got to hear the detailed account of their escape from the DRC
a CRAZY story that she most definitely needs to write.

diamond, destiny, and friend sang a BEAUTIFUL song!

one gorgeous shepherd

joseph being a wonderful father

shepherds keep watch of something...

the wisest of them all

the baby jesus started dancing to the singing
i kinda think the real Jesus might have too.

these two were the gabbiest of all shepherds
the wise man and his wiser daughter

on christmas day my mom and i opened presents (wink wink mom), went running, ate mexican food, and then went to the tillemann-dick christmas extravaganza

these are the puppies that dave is trying to pawn off on the obamas

they are really sweet!

kimber reciting the rules of yankee swap

zen being shushed during the recitation of the rules

don't ask


today my mom and i woke up early to see a movie, but then changed our minds and went to the big bear cafe for breakfast and then to the national gallery of art to see the Pompeii and the Roman Villa: Art and Culture around the Bay of Naples exhibit. it was really great! we saw a 30 minute documentary first which made it even cooler. simply because it gave some context to what we were about to see. then we got to go see the real stuff. unfortunately, i didn't put enough coins in the meter to stay longer. my mom could have stayed all day. (the next time she comes, diane you have to be here. yall would LOVE museuming together) i am pretty luke warm about museums, but i highly recommend this exhibit!

it really made my desire to go to southern italy even more intense. i hope to go soon!!!!

that was my christmas. it was super fun. thanks again mom for coming!!!

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KamilahNYC said...

sounds like you guys had a wonderful time! Merry Christmas!!!