Tuesday, 16 December 2008

fighting the good fight

as some of you know, the last few weeks before i moved into my house was ridiculous. the a/c wouldn't work and it was about a million degrees outside with a humidity to match. this meant that my painters couldn't finish painting because the paint wouldn't dry. which snowballed, and left so much stuff undone it was crazy. (frankly, this is the reason why my bathroom didn't get done until last weekend.) when it was all said and done the owner of the H/VAC company had promised me a discount to make things better. last month we talked and he offered a paltry discount.

to make matters worse, after months of trying to get the insulation people out to look at the floors they destroyed, the showed up ready to fight. (they had oversprayed green foam insulation all over, so the floors permentently look dusty.) they denied that the green stuff on my floors was insulation. i had my floor guy and my carpenter at the house. the floor guy made a seriously logical argument and showed the insulation guy that the stuff on the floor couldn't be anything other than insulation. my carpenter explained that he was here the day they were spraying he had explained that the floors were finished and that then needed to take care. he also pointed out to the sprayers, as they were leaving, that there was stuff on the floor. they didn't really get it. anyway, the guy was clearly here to deny any wrong doing and was not going to listen to reason. it was messy and i kicked him out.

i then called his boss and called and called and called for months and nothing happened. they'd deny, then they started asking me just to pay a portion, then they just stopped returning my calls.

in both instances, i felt like they definitely owed me, so i wouldn't budge.

well it looks finally my tenacity paid off.

the a/c people took $1000 off my bill, added a year to my service contract, AND are going to install a whole house air filter free (i have to supply the filter).

the insulation people appear to have zero'd out my balance (saving me $2200). they aren't fixing the floors, but i don't have to pay for my insulation, which i think about evens out.

today it paid to be persistent and tenacious.

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