Sunday, 21 December 2008

mexican food!!!!!!

tomorrow my mom arrives to spend christmas with me. i am super excited. we are getting a tree on tuesday and decorating it with friends tuesday night (and having a make your own sushi party). it will be fun and festive and i am excited to have another holiday in my house.

but the best part of christmas this year is going to be the grub my mom brings tomorrow!!! i can't wait. she is bringing tortillas, green and red chili (the yummy mexican kind), tamales, AND beans. she made the tamales and the rest if coming from lulu's taco shop in gilbert. this is my all time favorite mexican food place in the whole world! (btw, the reviews on that site are cracking me up. people are actually complaining about a combo plate that is $7. i feel lucky if i get a decent sandwhich for $7 let alone a combo plate. lulu's is DEFINITIELY not over priced.)

if you are even in arizona -- and i mean anywhere in the state -- you should go to lulu's!

living in dc, there is a totaly dearth of mexican food. i like oyamel but it is oaxacan. don't get me wrong it is ├╝ber delish, or i guess is should say muy delicioso. but i grew up with the more rugged guadalajara-style mexican. the abuelas used to make tortillas and tamales for me and my friends when i left kindergarten (frank elementary school in guadalupe, az) and my irrigation ditch diving/swimming friends' (keto, peter, and angel) moms made the guadalajara version of mexican food. so i guess there is just something nurturing and homey about this food for me.

PLUS, what is christmas without tamales? oh my goodness i am so excited.

anyway. i can hardly wait ... monday night will be my christmas morning!

thanks mom!

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