Thursday, 27 March 2008

the big easy

new orleans is the place that exposes you to tragedy, and then it helps you forget about it.

we went to church on easter sunday in the new orleans branch, where a few people remembered that sister konkel with the perm. and that was great! i got to see ginger grant who used to go on splits with me. she is still as cute and awesome as ever. if i was more dedicated i would post some mission photos here. i am mad that i didn't take any photos. but i am sure that ginger and i will remain friends. we have plans to see each other this summer and i couldn't be more thrilled!
i also got to see the villianuevas. they are awesome. they lost their house too, but the church help them rebuild and they are doing better than ever. they look great. i am hoping i can go back for work and see them! i want to spend an evening catching up.

after church dianna and i drove along st. charles avenue looking for fun. and wow--did we ever find it!

the stately mansion where i will soon move.

a tree budding mardi-gras beads.

dianna in her sunday best, eating easter brunch at commander's palace. the men wore seersucker suits and hats, and most of the women wore broad rimmed hats and high heels. it felt like stepping back in time. they called their easter brunch "cooking with jazz." and the food was SOO yummy.

this 3-piece jazz band went from table to table playing requests. we requested "what a wonderful world."

nb: if you ever want to make me tear up, start singing that song....

this guy was feeling it! and who wouldn't on such a gorgeous sunday morning?

big smiles. we have just polished off their bananas foster for dessert!! commander's palace invented it.

our weekend was briely interrupted by work, when the founder of popeye's chicken died. he was an new orleans legend, and we popped into a popeye's restaurant to ask the people for their thoughts.
i loved playing reported and helped get this story on the air:

Popeyes Chicken Founder Al Copeland Dies

it's crawfish season in the gulf! dianna is really bad at eating them.

and she's super overdramatic.

i, on the other hand, am an expert. see? no hands!

when i was a missionary, i would go to crawfish boils where we'd sit at a long bench with tons of people, they'd spread out newspapers and seriously throw down pounds of boiled and seasoned crawfish. delish!

who wouldn't want to eat a face like that?

dianna would clearly much rather play with her food than eat it.

sadly, the jamabalaya at this particular restaurant wasn't worth eating or even photographing. seriously, avoid eating in the french quarter at all costs.


Kikibug said...

YUUUUUMMMMMYYYYYY!!! What I wouldn't give to have my mouth on FIRE and my hands burning for hours after sitting down at a HUGE table full of crawfish.

You look really cute btw... CUTE shirt!

Kikibug said...

OH, you saw Ginger Grant!!! I have wondered what happened to her for years. Tell her I said HELLO!!! I am so glad to hear that she is doing well.

Story about Copelands (Al's restaurant chain and MY FAVORITE!) When I was pregnant with Carma I was craving their Eggplant Pirogue and tried to make it. I was close, but something was off. So I called the restaurant and told them I was in Utah and pregnant and obviously couldn't fly there but I was craving it BAD. The cute waitress actually gave me the recipe. She was so cute and friendly. This is the reason I LOVE the south!! Good food and friendly people.