Saturday, 29 March 2008

doctor, dermatologist, and dentist recommendations for dc

after 8 years of being in dc, i finally feel like i found good people to keep me healthy and heal me when i am sick. so i thought i would share them.

the doctor is an osteopathic physician, named greg craddock. when i had a horrible sinus infection a few months ago, and i thought my ears were going to explode with pain, he healed me up fast. he prescribed some antibiotics, but provided immediate relief with some manipulation around my ears. i am not totally sure what he did, but i felt a dam "tear" and the muck that was creating all that pressure slowly dripped out. it was amazing. he spent about an hour and a half with me doing manipulation and trying to get at what could be the root cause of my symptoms. he was great!

the dermatologist is dr. ed stolar. as a fair skinned, sun loving, arizonian, i now face the onset of small actinic keratosis(AKs) that are pre-cancerous. the first dermatologist i talked to made me feel like i would soon be covered in cancer. dr. stolar helped me understand what they were, the seriousness (or lack there of) of the situation. he also gave me a prescription for this lotion called lac-hydrin. it is a miracle lotion. my skin feels SO much better. my skin is naturally dry and gets itchy when it is cold outside. this stuff turned that all around. my skin feels softer than it ever has. it is awesome.

and then the dentist. when i was dating a dental student, rob griffin in case you know him, interned at dr. gene gadaire's office. rob was blown away by how awesome dr. gadaire was at everything. he said he had never seen a dentist that did such perfect and precision work. he told horror stories of dentists who he had temped with whose patients loved them, but who would drill unnecessarily and for way too long. i went in search of a dentist last fall and thought maybe i should just try dr. gadaire. i did, and man am i glad. my parents gifted me with some pretty healthy teeth, but it turns out a grind my teeth all the time. he build me a mouth guard for when i sleep and in a few months he is going to fix my occlusion so that my bite is more the way it should be, he says this will reduce the amount of grinding and help prevent any more recessed gums.

so there you have it. my three recommendations for health care providers. i hope this helps you!!

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