Tuesday, 11 March 2008

dianna is a genius - ride with a camera!

thanks dianna for adding this link to the comments of my last post. http://dc.mybikelane.com/
i would like to encourage all my fellow dc cyclists to please, take your camera with you. let's get these bike lanes clear. maybe public humiliation will do something.

also, a note on why i hate wmata bus drivers so much. first of all they are mean to cyclists. they like to run you off the road, they cut in front of you, and they are belligerent.

the first real run in i had with wmata bus driver was a few years ago. i was headed west on independence ave about to cross 14th st. sw. i was stopped at a light, as was a bus. the light turned green and the flashing white hand went up. i got up on my bike and inched out into the road. the bus driver inched towards me. i looked at him and we made eye contact. it seemed like he was giving me the go ahead to proceed, so i did. he lurched forward again. i looked at him again and figured it was just a mistake. i took off in earnest because i figured he was drunk. i was 1/4 of the way across the road when the bus decided to turn. he was coming right at me. i jumped off my bike, but he was continuing towards me. you know how buses turn out far and then swing in? well his swinging in was about to kill me. people in the bus screamed. i pulled the bike away from the road. the bus stopped because people were screaming "you ran over a girl!!!" people jumped out to see if i was okay. i was fine. the bus had run over my bike's tires but thankfully missed me.

i tried to get dc police there, which of course took 45 minutes. passengers wrote affidavits right there on the spot. when dc's finest arrived, the male bus driver and the male cop talked about how women can't drive or ride bikes and decided i clearly didn't know what was going on. thankfully, i had the affidavits. (i don't think they know i had them). i reported them both to their respective agencies. wmata gave me $700 to repair my bike. i wish the driver would have lost his job!

anyway, let's unite and stop this insanity!

photograph bad behavior and post it to http://dc.mybikelane.com/

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