Friday, 28 March 2008

introducing dc neighborhood blogs -- eckington/bloomingdale

many of you are probably thinking, get a life and quite blogging all friday night. and you are right. if you are lindsay you are thinking, could you just clean up the house? but instead i have stumbled upon some cool blogs from my new 'hood. they are just off to your left under "neighborhood blogs". two are from eckington, one from bloomingdale, and one is the super hip cafe that the whole neighborhood loves. (you know because white people love coffee)

anyway, they are cool. lots of updates on the biking trail and big plans for developing the area. i am excited to get involved.

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peaseblossom said...

Teabelly - love the pics from Sidi Bou Said! Beautiful. What is the name of that ridiculously romantic hotel you stayed at. I'm on my way there in May.