Tuesday, 11 March 2008

i hate dc cabs

thankfully this stupid cab system is about gone. but it has not done much to make the stupid cab drivers drive better.

today, i was riding my bike from one meeting to another and a cab seriously grazed my leg in an effort to get ahead so that it could stop at the next light. why do i feel like cabs in dc hate cyclists? do they? why do cabbies, cops, bus drivers, fed ex drivers, ups drivers, drivers in gerneral, get to talk on their phones all the time while they are driving? why is that law not in forced in dc? and seriously, can mayor fenty control the wmata bus drivers and cab drivers a bit? should they not be fined more heavily for talking on phones and driving agressively? i think so!

these two (cabs and buses) are the worst on the road. they are the ones that nearly kill me most. most regular cars get it that me being on my bike means one less car on the road to keep them stopped at a read light, etc. something has got to give. i am toying with the idea of carrying rocks and when cabs do mean things to me on my bike i am just going to throw rocks at their windows and hope they break!

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Dianna said...

You can keep a whistle in your mouth, and at least act like you have a horn... And I think you should fight back when they do illegal stuff by hitting their side mirrors when you pass them stopped at light, and finally, take pictures of them acting like jerks.