Monday, 31 March 2008

more stories from the house

lots of work happened over the weekend on the house. the biggest thing was replacing the old lead supply line water pipe with a new PEX plastic pipe.

this is matt my plumber, at least for now, digging a huge hole to get to the supply line.
it was a huge job
i am glad i don't have to worry that lead is going to make me crazier.

while all this was going on i noticed that the wall closest to the road in the basement was still wet. so i started digging at the cement that was covering the brick and sure enough they were soaked. so soaked that some of the mortar was actually loose. i also found that the pipe that supplies the kitchen had some small leak spots on it.

each one of the contractors had told me their job would be easier without the ceiling. the electrician needed to see what was under there. the carpenter needed to see what he could do with the stairs, the HVAC guys wanted to see where they could run lines. seriously it was everyone. once matt told me he wished the ceiling was gone i had it. and just started tearing it down -- by myself. it was awesome. i loved it. tons of dust fell out and i almost got hit on the head by a huge 40oz malt liquor bottle.

this was the damage. but from the stairs.

i think this gives a better picture of how much stuff i took down
and how dusty it was

i also bought a few things. it wouldn't really be a house weekend without buying things.

the biggest things i bought this weekend include: this Aquia™ Dual Flush Toilet, 1.6 GPF / 0.9 GPF.

and i got this Aquabarrel(TM)
i am hoping that i can supply my garden with rain water

and this is a shot from the basement out to the garden