Monday, 10 March 2008

homeowner delimma

i need your help:

i have a tree that is messing up my retaining wall. the people fixing the wall won't fix it until the tree is gone. the tree is partially on my property and partially on my neighbors property. it is behind both of our back fences. it looks like people have tried to cut it down before but have not hired someone who knows what they are doing to get it down. i am sure the neighbors want it gone too. it is really a mess of a tree, though i love big trees like this.

i can't get ahold of my neighbor. so, should i just have it taken out? or should i wait to talk to the neighbor?

if i wait, should i ask the neighbor to pay for part of the removal?

keep in mind, i have never met the neighbor.


Katharine said...

I would definantly wait to talk to your neighbor. I would not do anything without their approval if its on their property too. I would ask them to pay for half of it but I would'nt expect it. Good Luck!

Grasshopper said...

ditto. patience dear belly.