Sunday, 23 March 2008

photos of distruction

getting busy, tearing out that raised floor...

figuring out how to get this floor torn up was harder than it might look.

here is dianna with her favorite powertool.

she got really good at it and is now the official power sawer

this is a photo of the wall that is now totally distroyed (photos to come)
you can see the pile of junk growing in the corner.

señor gardner looking muy macho as he aided in our distruction
¡no me moleste! the mold cried. but we would not listen. here is the proof!

the proud owner, señorita teabelly
why not wear velour to tear out floors and walls?

this is only about half of the stuff that ended up in the pile. i am mad i didn't get a photo of the whole huge pile of stuff. it touched the ceiling!

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