Friday, 14 March 2008

in case you were wondering (plastic v. copper)

plastic is the answer. according to my friend and LEED consultant brad wood, the plastic that they use for this black piping is more flexibile, does less harm to the environment to make, and will last a long time with out leeching.

so, i am going with black plastic.

to learn more about mr. wood. check this out

he has been managing the Mainstream GreenHome, a LEED for a pilot project in raleigh, nc for the past two years for cherokee, the largest brownfield remediation company in the country. they just recently completed it and achieved platinum designation through LEED, the first in the Southeast! it is one of the greenest homes in the country. cool huh! so, i think he knows his stuff about the pipes is all i am sayin'.

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Heather Fortuna said...

Kimberly - I stumbled across your blog through a link from Jamie Brimhall and I'm glad I did! My husband is getting LEED certified and just starting out in this field. The environment is his passion. At any rate, I'd love for the two of you to meet as he is just starting out in this field (from security work which he was doing before). Are you going to be at your ward on Sunday? We have been thinking about paying a visit to Cap Hil. Also, do you have Brad's email? Many thanks and hope you are well! Heather Fortuna Bush