Sunday, 9 March 2008

i hate daylight savings time

it is 10:am in my mind and body but for some reason it is really 11. what stinks about that statement is that it means i hurried and woke up at 9:15 so that i could get to church to hear marc and michelle's farewell addresses. i was going to be exactly on time, though rushed. i went to make a call and saw on my blackberry that instead of being 9:45 it was now 10:45...i'd missed it. i was looking forward all week the hearing then speak. and i missed it because of stupid day light savings time.

i think that people growing up in arizona and indiana (where wise governments don't play the "savings time" game) are at a disadvantage when we move to less progressive states. i have never gotten used to this.

anyway, i am bummed that i missed their talks. but hopefully we are still having dinner together tonight.

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