Thursday, 13 March 2008

Lasagne Bake-Off

dianna entered a lasagne bake-off last weekend, to prove that she is the great lasagne cook
of our generation. arthur, the host, invited lots of people to taste-test and vote.
here is dianna with her competitors, arthur and nathan.
the proof's in the pan, folks. look at how much was gone from hers!
we got a repeat performance with more lasagne and homemade bread on sunday, when we said goodbye to marc and michelle.

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teabelly said...

i would just like to note that dianna wrote this blog.

the lasagna was amazing!!! and jen made a delicious dessert that i am still trying to get the recipe for. maybe we can get dianna to share her secret recipe here??

i will say, i ate the sausage in the lasagna and have been paying for it all week. i hope marc/michelle and crew did not suffer the same fate all the way to china.

boo! i hate that they moved!